Track Where Cellular Can’t

Robust gps tracker provider solution with full coverage: urban, rural, and mountainous

gps tracker provider
gps tracker provider


CAT Logistix is a dedicated gps tracker provider with monitoring capability at a price point comparable or below smart phone apps. 

gps tracker provider

Regulatory Compliance

Cat Logistix technology provides applicable regulatory compliance by tracking and recording location in real time. Built-in movement and geofencing alerts help keep your assets and employees safe and secure. 

gps tracker provider

Easy Implementation

 Place it, plug it in, turn it on. Cat Logistix is a fully managed service providing data to clients for all regulatory requirements, safety needs, security enhancements, as well as the business decision making advantages that inherently come with proper data collection, storage, and management.

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Computer Access Technologies, LLC

CAT LOGISTIX was formed in 2019 under Computer Access Technologies, LLC to address the issue of tracking and location monitoring in marijuana industry: regulation compliance, safety, security, law enforcement support, and business logistics.  Our solution uses SATCOM to ensure near 100% tracking across the globe.  

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Industries Served

GPS Tracking Service Providers

Cannabis Delivery

Legalized cannabis delivery is now the demand, no longer the future.

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We have extensive relationships in local/state/federal enforcement agencies.

GPS Tracking Service Providers


Our solution is proven to be most cost-effective solution compared to Fleet GPS-based systems

Tracking System

Maritime Shipping

With 100% coverage our technology will produce effective tracking at any point on the globe.

Tracking System

Heavy Lift Equipment Tracking

Simplified tracking for ownership or rental-based heavy lift equipment assets.

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From small aircraft to the largest built – your assets are globally secure.

GPS Tracker Provider


CAT Logistix is able to provide Geo-location data via any number of common methods. Additionally, CAT is able to export this data via any standard format for ingestion directly to any existing Government, industry, or open-source database or tool. 

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