Satellite Tracker

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CAT Logistix Sat-Tracker

Consistent Real-Time Coverage

Our palm-sized satellite based system for communicating GPS location is more consistent for rural, mountainous and even hilly urban areas when compared to popular cellular based reporting systems. We are the GPS Tracking Service Providers you need.

Alert Features

Movement Start/Stop, Tracking Device Powered Off, Low-Battery, Geo-fencing Capabilities, Route Assignment Deviation.

Power Source

Battery powered device OR USB attachment for continuous power.



Location and Tracking Capabilities

CAT Logistix is able to provide Geo-location data via any number of common methods. Additionally, CAT is able to export this data via any standard format for ingestion directly to any existing Government, industry, or open-source database or tool. 

CAT can also ingest data and fuse this data with any number of additional sources.  We can help you with tracking and monitoring your most valuable assets while they’re anywhere in the world. 

Low Cost

Dedicated tracking & monitoring capability at a price point comparable or below amature and/or ad-hoc smart phone apps. We are affordable GPS Tracking Service Providers.

Dual Verification Capabilities

Average, reasonably tech-savvy criminals already possess the capability and knowledge for basic geolocation spoofing. This information is highly proliferated on the open internet, and the Dark Web.  The first countermeasure logically employed against geolocation spoofing is “Dual Verification”. 

While average criminals and nefarious actors are able to employ geolocation spoofing against a single location/tracking capability, it takes a much higher degree of technical expertise to spoof dual location/tracking capabilities. Additionally, Dual Verification can enable automated detection and altering of potential geolocation spoofing activity.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Constantly changing and being updated, new requirements are more strict and complicated.  CAT Logisitx ensures your compliance is always met.   You’re the experts in your field, let us be the experts in tracking.  When needed, we are able to supply clients, owners, regulatory agencies with your asset tracking history. 

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