Susie in Her Minivan fitted with Business GPS Tracking Systems

The burgeoning cannabis industry fails to compete for a unified supply chain paradigm. These distributors are developing their own processes which they hope will give them first-mover advantages when the preferred model emerges. Business GPS Tracking Systems is one of the key things they also need to consider

Breier of Hardcar Security and business partner Todd Kleperis formed Hardcar in 2016 to handle both drug distribution and cash-in-transit, a partnership with Breier ‘s security sector relationships in China. The pair entered an industry that had exchanged vast sums of currency but overlooked simple protocols of protection such as using a GPS tracker provider.

“Seriously it was Susie in her minivan when we got there,” Breier notes.

The company also offers a private vault service (“a mini Fort Knox” in heavily fortified buildings) in addition to cannabis transportation, and will act as an intermediary between cannabis companies and some credit unions, including making deposits.

Hardcar is depositing millions of dollars for California’s biggest producers and retailers through the Federal Reserve. The joke on Breier is not lost: “They ‘re used to tossing money in the IRS station with a duffel bag, so no one likes that,” he says.

Business GPS Tracking Systems when you need it

Ning created Scaphold before Nabis, a data portal which sold to Amazon. Looking for his next job, Jun Lee offered Ning and childhood friend to help deliver their products to a couple of buddies who controlled the marijuana labels.

Nabis set up factories in Southern and Northern California as they developed a network and collected venture funding and moved to a rented fleet from materials in the trunks of their personal cars which included using a GPS tracker provider.

Nabis first appeared as a delivery company, supplying to over 80 per cent of state medical dispensaries. “It seemed like a pretty big need in the industry to have a logistics provider but bigger companies like FedEx or UPS wouldn’t,” Ning says.

Following exposure to the needs of its customers, Ning and Lee transformed the company’s internal tools into a customer-facing platform allowing their customers to manage their own logistics and market their products to new customers.

“We see a relatively big chance to help the firms that we’re working with taking further products to certain businesses that they haven’t been in before,” Ning says. With all of this information, you should call CATLogistix as your personal GPS tracking service providers

Business GPS Tracking Systems